Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday, July 24th


On Friday, Summer and Darrell Bryce were sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple. I love this temple, because not only is it where Sean and I were married, but all of my family members, too. The boys love the temple also. The sealing was so perfect and it was so special to have my parents and all endowed siblings there as well as Sean sitting next to me. Summer was glowing with happiness. She looked so beautiful and I loved her dress! Her and Darrell are such a fabulous couple. I just LOVE temple weddings and how it brings us all together. I am so thankful Sean made it possible for our family of five to be together for the experience.
The reception was F U N. The boys got down and boogied their little tushes off. The food was excellent and Colton went back for seconds (he stood in line with all the adults by himself even). It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and friends we hadn't seen in years. It was really a treat to have Sean's parents, his sister Stacey and her family at the reception. One of the many things I love about my family is we know how to enjoy the moment and just have pure fun. The reception was classy. Summer did a great job with designing the decorations and incorporating all her color ideas. The flowers Heather arranged were phenomenal! Some of the most memorable moments of the night was my Dad's toast. He sang (a' capella) a song he sung to all us kids as a lullaby when he rocked us to sleep. It was so sweet. And, Summer shared a poetic vows-like letter she wrote for Darrell. Those unique and touching moments made it all more special. Probably my most favorite part of the evening was noticing how Sean made an effort to have someone hold Brayden so that he could dance with me for the last slow song of the night. And then Rylan saw Daddy dancing with Mommy so he wanted to get in on the action, so Sean picked him up and I danced with two of my favorite boys. Colton had previously told me that he was going to ask Aunt Heather to dance because she didn't have anyone to dance with because Uncle Joel wasn't there--so chivalrous of him. It was all a perfect celebration for the perfect union of a perfect match.

Short clips from the day...

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

That was a fun day! It was great to see everyone who came into town. Summer was a beauty, and I had fun dancing at her reception :)

Zepp Family said...

What a super, fun vacation you all had! I had no idea you and ALL your siblings are so good looking...really, you are all beautiful adults. And very cool for your parents to have all seven of you in the temple.

Out of my family of seven, we've just got one to go!

Lois Brown said...

How wonderful! Beautiful wedding pics and fun video....you had a great summer with lots of important and fun memories!!!

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