Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love to be fashionably festive!

As those closest to me know, I am quite a festive person. When a holiday is approaching I like to paint my nails the appropriate colors, or wear the festive holiday colors on the day (I ain't wearing any snowmen, turkeys, or bunnies though). And I like to continue my festiveness on Sundays around the holidays. What's great is Sean is the same way--we share our festiveness, something we discovered while dating. Often we are even matching or at least complimentary in our outfit colors (truly not on purpose). I know some of you think this is silly, but I find it fun and cute. I don't get too done up during the week--it's usually just t-shirt and jeans or shorts with barely any makeup. So, on Saturday evenings I look forward to figuring out what to wear to church--my one day to get dolled up (I know Heather understands). This past Sunday I was really excited to wear a new green sundress I had gotten, but of course the upcoming holiday of July 4th was on my mind. I made the executive decision to be festive for that holiday on Sunday July 5th (anyway I think Independence day was officially on that date originally).

there is a point to all this....

Because Sean has to attend early morning meetings on Sunday, we don't get ready at the same time, and I often don't see what he is wearing--I'm still asleep. This past Sunday, the boys and I came into the chapel and joined Sean on his row. As always, I admired how handsome Sean looked...and patriotic. He was wearing blue pin striped pants, a white shirt and red, white and blue striped Tommy Hilfiger tie (of course). I was wearing my new green sundress. Sean and I leaned in to each other to say hi and he says to me and the boys, "Mommy thinks it's St. Patrick's day." Immediately I respond, "I'm going patriotic the Sunday after fourth of July!" Sean whispers back, "Everyone knows you're supposed to dress up the Sunday BEFORE the holiday, not after the fact." I conclude with, "Well I think Independence Day was originally July 5th anyway." With that we smiled at each other and our fun banter was over and we decided to be reverent.

Brayden is three months old now...look how handsome he is in his polo shirt.
(that's my green sundress)

The boys took their first swim in Grandma Blair and Pappaws pool!
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Serinster dot net said...

haha! i love the sunday attire story! i can picture it as if i was there *chuckle*

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I thought you looked very summery in your green sundress. Sunday will be a good day for Red,White & Blue attire.

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