Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinosaur Birthday

Colton wanted a Dinosaur Birthday party this year!

Here is the invitation I made.

Colton drew Dinosaur hieroglyphics to great the guests.
When the guests arrived they decorated their own goodie bag with dinosaur stickers and glitter glue. I had some flower stickers for the girls, too.

The first game was "T-Rex Stomp" where they had to try to pop the balloon tied to each other's ankles.

They then each made their own fossil.

We basically invited his primary class and his cousin Troy. It was the perfect number of kids. I think there is a reason why party plates and cups are sold in sets of eight.

Then they went outside with their goodie bags for an archaeological dig to find treasures of seashells, snakes, frogs, and dinosaurs. After that they filled up their bags with candy from the Dinosaur pinata (no picture--we were too busy keeping order to the madness.)

Then it was time for some Simon (a.k.a. Sean) Says. I think "Simon" really enjoyed this part.

The party concluded with a Volcano Cake (Colton's special request). This is the best I could do.

He also loved all his gifts and has been playing with his new fun things everyday since.

When the party was over, the mess cleaned up and quiet again in my house. I reflected back on the birthdays we've enjoyed for our Colty.

Birthday One: Pool Party, which was mostly just our friends over for a Saturday afternoon in the sun.

Birthday Two: A movie "Cars" party and luau by the pool (again) but this time the kids actually enjoyed the water and could almost swim.

Birthday Three: A "Thomas the Train" party at the Forest Park Miniature train. All our friends, family and kiddos enjoyed a southern fried chicken picnic and a train ride through the park.

Birthday Four: A "Spiderman" party. With white streamers all over the house like a web and some superhero games like "Pin the web on the Bad Guy" and "Hero, Hero, Villain" (aka Duck, Duck Goose), with of course a Spiderman pinata.

I wonder what themed parties I have in store for the future with my imaginative Colton. Despite the stress and work, I look forward to each one because it's all worth it to see his dazzling happy smile.

The Birthday Boy--Big Five!

I love you Colton!
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

What a fun party! Love the volcano cake ;) Colton is so creative!!!

Bren said...

Great party idea. I loved your creative games and your cake - it turned out great! What a fun day!

Lois Brown said...

What a great mom you are and what a great party!

Heather said...

What a good mommy, I know that those themed parties are a lot of work, after Gabe's Pirate party a few years ago I decided to keep it simple in the future. You did a great job on his volcano cake!

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