Saturday, June 27, 2009

13 compared to 33

I remember the days when my summers consisted of the following:
Wake up sometime around 10 a.m., work on my tan for a couple of hours, read a book, eat some grapes, drink some lemonade, talk to my BFF on the phone, enjoy my mom's bbq dinner on the patio, and then end the day watching a movie or playing a game with the fam. How simple life was then.

My 33rd summer is shaping up to be quite more busy then any summer prior. A typical day goes something like this.:

BY 10 a.m. have the kids fed, dressed, baby nursed, myself dressed, snacks, diapers and bottles packed for our daily morning outing, which may be playing at cousin's pool, Mommy and Me activity, playing in our own pool, or visiting friends. Then after noon and after lunch it's naptime for Rylan, but first him and I have "Mommy and Riley" time where I read him a book on his bed (Colton's not allowed in). Once Rylan is napping, it's time for "Colton and Mommy time" (as he insisted we have also) which has turned into playing the board game "Sorry". Colton sets it up and everything. Sometimes I win, mostly he wins. But we always conclude with a cordial hand shake and we congratulate the winner on their win and compliment the loser on "trying hard". Then it's Colton's quiet time as I go in my room to lay down with Brayden and nurse him as we nap together. Somewhat refreshed, I get the house in order before Sean gets home and maybe...MAYBE...prepare something fancy for dinner. Around seven o' clock we head to the pool as a family for some "night" swimming although it's still bright and 90+ degrees. Eight o'clock is getting ready for bedtime--which Sean pretty much does. The boys love his made-up stories that always end with "to be continued..." By nine o'clock I'm finishing up Brayden's bedtime nursing and put him down for the night. Once all the boys are in bed AND if I have enough energy left, I'll tidy up the house AGAIN and make sure the kitchen is all clean. Before I know it 10 p.m. has snuck up on me and I'm ready for bed, but I try to squeeze in some last minute computer time or if I can really keep my eyes open long enough, some book reading time. Regrettably I just can't fight it anymore and I must turn out the light and tuck myself into bed and get some rest before tomorrow's sun comes up and this Mommy's day starts all over again.

Oh, and I forgot to add--somewhere between all that, I have to grocery shop, vacuum, mop, and the worst of all do laundry.

But I do love the summer and my life because who wouldn't with these adorable faces counting on you.

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Today I was thinking why I tan, and I realized, other than the fact that I grew up and live in California, my oldest sister was always tanning in the backyard, at the pool, in Vegas etc. and I, being her little sister, learned from my oldest sister. So when I am older and I am covered in sun spots and wrinkles, I blame you ;).

p.s. thanks for the complements on my last post

Serinster dot net said...

hehe thats funny mel. yep i especially remember you eating grapes. Grapes are definately the summer food. i got teary eyed when i read the last sentence.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

You lead a blessed life! I miss the days when I was the center of my children's lives. Raising 3 energetic boys is not an easy task, but you do a very good job!

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