Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Simple Pleasures

This past month I have been a bit of a hermit because of the baby (as I feel I have a right to be) and without the help of kind friends, my wonderful super-husband, and grandma's taking Colton and Rylan from the house for some "away" time they would probably go crazy (or even more crazy then they already are) from staying cooped up in the house.

But now I'm starting to ease back into the busy mommy schedule, like grocery shopping with all three boys, going to parks, having playgroups, making dinner more then once a week, maintaining a clean house, running errands. I haven't tackled all these to one hundred percent, or even attempted more then once, but I'm slowly adjusting. Thank goodness I have Sean who is my champion and basically takes over with Colton and Rylan when he gets home by playing with them, giving them a bath, and putting them to he does it all with a more fun flare than I would.

Today I wanted to treat the boys and have some fun out of house time. Because it was supposed to get close to 90 degrees, I thought we could go to a nearby park that has a water-play area. After picking Colton up from preschool we headed on our way and the boys were excited. I got there and found out they don't open that area until May 1st. So my default plan was MickeyD's--because what kid isn't excited to get chicken nuggets and a shake?

I even let them sit on the drive-way AND the front porch swing to enjoy their shakes--I'm such a great mom.

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Lois Brown said...

sounds like a grand time to me! And you are a great Mom. Don't do too much too soon! I bet you are tired of everyone's advice!!!! But for me, not really trying to give advice....just worry for you not to do to much! ha!

Holly, Justin & Carter said...

Your boys are so cute....all 3 of them! It looks like Colton and Rylan are good buddies =) Nothing like brothers!

Debbie Blair said...

Wow how fun eating Mcnuggets in the's great when a simple comprimise will make them happy.

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