Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Name and a Blessing

Brayden was blessed by his father today. His Grandpa Blair (my dad) and Uncle Brian (Sean's brother) were able to be in the Priesthood Blessing circle along with our Bishopric (Bishop Tillman, Brother Denti, and Brother Brown). Sean gave a wonderful blessing as he always does. I am so thankful to have a husband who honors his priesthood and is a spiritual strength for our family. I felt such happiness and peace as I bowed my head and listened to the voice of my loving husband and father of my children.

Also at the blessing was my mom and sisters Summer and Serena, along with Sean's parents and his brother Brian's wife Kristin and kids (Trevor, Abbey, Troy, Aubrey, and Tyler).

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Debbie Blair said...

It was a wonderful day. I'm glad that Summer wrote the blessing down. I think Brayden will find comfort in reading it through the years.

Bren said...

I think as a mom that is one of the most special days of our life! Is is so incredible to see your husband blessing the newest addition of your family. Congrats on a wonderful day!!

Lois Brown said...

Sean did give an amazing baby blessing! It was a special day! He is a precious one!

Stacy said...

How wonderful. I wish we could have been there, but it sounded very special. Congratulations!

Zepp Family said...

I love it when a new babe gets blessed....always a sweet and spiritual treat!

We really miss the 3rd ward and very well could be back before the summer is over. We are so unbelievably crazy.

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