Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U2, bedtime, and one lovable husband

Did anyone elses husbands stay up till 1:30 a.m. to watch U2 perform on Letterman and then wait till midnight to download their new album onto itunes?

Normally our bedtime (Sean and I) is 10:30 p.m. and we pretty consistently stick to it, also our rule of going to bed together. Sometimes I'm more reluctant because a) I'm a night person b) I love to read in bed to fall asleep, which usually takes longer then 10:30. But Sean insists that he can't fall asleep with my bedside lamp on, so I try to get into bed a little earlier to get some good reading time in before I hear his playfully annoying favorite nighttime phrase "SID." (and snaps his fingers) as he climbs into bed. He tries to throw in "bossiness" every once in a while I guess to balance out all the bossing I do around the house. Oh, and the term "SID" comes from one of Sean's favorite movies "The Bourne Identity". One of the bad guys demands an agent to "Shut It Down," and I guess Sean just really liked the sound of it because he adopted it--he has now shortened it to "SID" and a snap. Lately, it's been even shortened to just the snap. He is so funny, and it really just makes me smirk. Anyway, come 10:30-ish I'm to "SID" which means put the book down, turn off the light, and cuddle to sleep. I oblige because I know it's good for me to get to sleep at a decent hour (I really could read a good book until 2 a.m.) and be courteous to Sean falling asleep since his alarm goes off way too early. Plus, if I really wanted to stay up, I just will, and go out onto the couch to read or watch a show.

But, every once in a while....Sean's whole "SID" at 10:30 goes out the window and it is totally fine to stay up very late on a weeknight. There are the exceptions: a) to see the final score of a west coast sports game and apparently b) when U2 is on t.v. and their new album debuts.

I suggested to Sean that he could DVR the U2 Letterman performance and then still be able to get a good night's rest. He just gave me a look and replied, "If you were on t.v., I would not DVR you." I responded, "Good to know I'm up there with U2."

In all honesty, this post is in good fun and lovingly written about my sweet husband. I'm glad we've always stuck to our "going to bed together" rule because those last moments of the day together are special. However, I still get five "SID" passes for the five nights Sean will be staying up this week to watch U2 on Letterman :)

One last thing to confirm just how adorable I really think Sean is, I'll share what he did last night (hope he doesn't mind all this). As the boys were in the bath last night, I plopped onto the couch exhausted and aching, so Sean got up from the computer (where he was watching something about U2) to take over and supervise the bath activities. But first I saw him grab Colton's toy guitar and head in the direction of the bathroom. Sean doesn't know how to play the guitar but he loves to pick out tunes or just strum randomly as he sings his favorite songs regardless of the melody coming from the guitar. Well, I hear Sean start to strum the guitar (randomly) and sing U2's new song "Get on your boots" as he approaches the bathroom, and then I hear the boys get so excited and laughing because they also love that song, and just love it when Daddy is around them anywhere. So, for the remainder of the bathtime, Sean sat on the bathroom floor and "played" the guitar as he sang his favorite U2 songs with the boys. They loved it and so did I :)
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Lois Brown said...

I loved that he said "if you were on David Letterman I wouldn't DVR you" I busted out laughing! You two are so cute together!

Debbie Blair said...

Sounds like a kodak moment with Sean sitting on the bathroom floor, playing Colton's guitar and singing to his boys.

Stacy said...

That's so precious. I can just picture Sean saying SID. Maybe acronyms for EVERYTHING is a Connelly thing, that's so funny.

Bren said...

You guys are so cute; I love reading about your darling family!! Just wish we lived closer!

Up in Bubbles said...

John would have done the same thing he loves U2. I didn't know they were on this week, what a bummer we missed it. You look great, Can't wait to be done, how bout you?

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