Monday, March 30, 2009

The "boys'" Hog Wrestling adventure

This weekend Sean took Colton (along with some guy friends) for an overnight trip down to San Antonio to compete in a Hog Wrestling Tournament--where does he come up with these ideas?!

Here is what Sean wrote about it....

Tyson and I (Sean) took 6th place in the Texas State Hog Wrestling Championships last weekend. A crowd of about 600 was on hand which was cool considering the entire town population is only 1,500. I wore my Pat Tillman jersey and old football cleats. We competed in the Heavyweight division against 20 other teams made up of mostly farmers and cowboys from Texas and Oklahoma. We got a bit nervous when a cowboy on the team in front of ours got his ACL blown out by a hog and had to be carted out of the ring. Tyson and I kind of looked at each other and shared a “what the heck are we doing here” moment. We took on an 85 pound hog and the little fella bit me on the hand but we got the job done in 37 seconds. Not bad for two city boys!

My four year old son competed in the Runt division and won a ribbon. A reporter from the local paper interviewed him afterward and he felt very important.

We also raised a couple hundred dollars for my coworker’s little son, who is currently in a tough battle with neuroblastoma. Thanks everyone.

I'll try to upload the video of Sean chasing the's pretty hilarious! (stay tuned)

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Sharla said...

Wow 6th place I'm impressed! That is great for 2 city boys :). I was wondering about the hogs, since the baby came early and all. I'm looking forward to more video :). Thanks for sharing

Lois Brown said...

Wow...that is impressive. We heard all about it in Testimony meeting except for the 6th place thing! Very cool! It will definately be something your boys will remember!

Stacy said...

Did you ever know how multifaceted Sean could be when you married him? I love it!

Zepp Family said...

You're right this is hilarious! I love the randomness. Gotta love a boy (and man) who is up for anything :)

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