Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The big boy bunk bed

We have graduated Rylan to big boy bed status by moving him from the crib to the bottom bunk bed, and Colton has elevated to even bigger boy status by moving to the top bunk bed (which he couldn't help but mention in his otherwise appropriate testimony on Sunday).

We are going on day three now of the shared room/bunk bed experience, but we are still working out the kinks. Rylan is of course very excited with this new venture and feels very proud of himself, but sometimes he just can't help the temptation of the freedom sleeping in a bed offers. After we do our bedtime routine and tuck the boys in, Sean and I still have to re-visit the room to remind Rylan to stop playing with the toys and get back in bed. Or we'll hear the door open and feet pitter-pattering as the boys come careening into the kitchen for yet again another glass of water. Rylan just thinks it is so fun and he does with about everything (it is hard to reprimand and discipline that one as he smiles through everything).

Overall, Colton has been really cool and patient with the new addition to what was once "his room" and "his bed". And, last night he showed how sweet he is and really wants to be a good big brother. The boys had been supposedly falling asleep in their beds, when Colton comes into the room as Sean and I are watching tv. He says to me, "I don't want Rylan to get in trouble or have to go back to his crib because he will be sad, but could you go in and tell him to be quiet because I can't fall asleep with him talking so loud." AHHHH, precious. So I go in there and although Rylan is ON his bed, so are a bunch of toys and musical playthings. I remove the distracting objects and tell him he has to be quiet because it's time to sleep. The threat of having to be demoted to the crib is usually most effective.

After that, the next time we heard any noise from the room was when they both came busting out their door at 7 a.m. and stormed into our room to greet Daddy as he was in the shower. I just lay in bed and let Sean have his little "ducklings" follow behind him as he gets ready for work and puts cartoons on for them before he heads out the door. About and hour later, I get ordered by Rylan to "ache-up", and get the boys their breakfast. And then the day begins.
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Lois Brown said...

I actually loved that part of his testimony on Sunday!

Those are great memories for you to have of them being good brothers to each other! I wish i would have had a blog when my girls were little because I know there are so many things I have forgotten!

I know you enjoy these precious times and all I can say ia bravo for not wishing them to get bigger, because believe me it happens way to fast!

Then you long for the days when....

Sharla said...

Oh the joy of sharing a room. I'm glad he's liking his new roommate and that Rylan is doing well... enough :). They do grow up so fast don't they!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

I love those boys, and it is so sweet that Colton was concerned for Rylan's happiness. So cute. Ryan is such a sneaker!

Zepp Family said...

Ah, I am totally empathizing with you right now. I tell ya it has been interesting getting Madalyn and Liv to sleep in the same room. Not to mention they have to share a bed! (it's queen sized, but a shared bed nonetheless). Let's just say Madalyn has ended up sleeping on the couch a handful of times!

Stick to it!

Kelley said...

Amber! You have a baby due in 12 days! Oh, my gosh! Where have I been? So excited for you guys!!!

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