Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Baby Shower

My sweet sister-in-law Kristin was so kind to throw me a baby shower--with a unique twist. Since I'm having baby boy #3, I am not in need of much boy "stuff", so she asked the guests to bring a box of diapers and something fun for Mommy. It was fabulous! My mother-in-law hosted it at her home, and my mom helped with the yummy food. Kristin went above and beyond hand making party decorations and treats. They were amazing! She made chocolate candy pops in the shape of a stroller, little mints like a pacifier, polka-dot frosted cupcakes that looked like a baby rattle, and to top it off, she built a three-tier diaper "cake" adorned with ribbons and bows. Every thing was brown and blue with polka-dots--my favorite :) I completely enjoyed myself and felt so special and loved from those that came to celebrate "Motherhood."

Here is a slide show from the shower. I made sure to capture all the adorable things Kristin made.

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Lois Brown said...

Yay, I have my computer back and in good working order! Your baby shower was so much fun. Thank you for inviting me!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

What an adorable shower! Kristen is so crafty! It all looked perfect. Wish I could have been there! By the way, you look fabulous!

Sharla said...

You did look fabulous! I hope the next few weeks go well and that the new bundle arrives without any problems! The shower was fun... thanks for the reason to party :)

Up in Bubbles said...

Dang cute stuff. I loved the cupcakes those were darling. You also look great. I love your shirt it looks so cute.

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