Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things about Amber

I was tagged (a couple of times), so I guess I should do this an get it over. I doubt I even can think of 25 random things about me, let alone interesting ones, but I’ll try--these are all coming right off the top of my head.

1. I have a hard time committing to making a definitive decision, but I think I get better with age.

2. I can’t stand it if my toenails are not painted…neither can Sean.

3. I rarely eat the last bite of anything, and I even more rarely eat left-overs.

4. I have to sleep with covers on, no matter what the temperature is. (Sean had never slept under a bed sheet and covers until the first night of our marriage. I told him if he wanted to sleep with me, he’d have to sleep UNDER the covers with me.)

5. I love to wear ponytails. I have ever since I was a little girl.

6. When Sean and I first kissed I heard bells…literally--it was 2 a.m. and all the clocks in his house chimed (his dad has a thing for Grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks.)

7. The first time I ever backed out of my parent’s driveway on my own I hit a car, luckily it was someone I knew from school and he was cool about it.

8. I’m good about starting projects, but terrible about finishing them.

9. I can barely go a day without eating a bowl of cereal.

10. I shared a bedroom until the age of 23. For two years I had my own room before I got married.

11. I have to drink a glass of water after I brush my teeth at night, even though it makes me pee just hours later.

12. I have way too many favorite TV shows, thank goodness for DVR.

13. The lines on the carpet after I vacuum make me very happy--I call them Sunshine Lines.

14. I very much dislike doing laundry, hence the reason Sean does his own so that he can have things to wear.

15. I love to read love stories.

16. Green is my favorite color, and the color of my kitchen.

17. Just hearing Sean laugh makes me laugh.

18. My favorite pattern in the whole world is polka dots. I love them. I actually have to stop myself from buying things with polka dots. I have polka dot shoes, multiple shirts, multiple skirts, dresses, scarves, a polka dot apron, and even a polka dot purse. Oh, I have polka dot pillows in my family room.

19. I get motion sickness very easily…I can’t even swing on a swing set.

20. I’ve been mistaken for an actress before, and even asked to sign my autograph.

21. Up until the age of four, unknown to us at the time, Sean and I lived only two blocks away from each other…who knows maybe we played at the same park together. Throughout the next 20 years we were in the same place at the same time, like rival high school football games, youth dances in Canyon Country, a BYU dance when he was visiting his friends in Provo, an ASU football game when I was visiting a friends family in AZ. But our paths finally collided at church in 2001 when he sat down next to me.

22. Whatever room I am in the house, Colton and Rylan have to be right next to me. They’d even follow me into the bathroom if I didn’t lock the door.

23. I think every word that comes out of Rylan’s mouth is the cutest sound…even when he emphatically says, “NO MOM-ME”.

24. Sometimes I think I am psychic or clairvoyant. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy.

25. 25 is one of my favorite numbers. It’s how old I was when I met Sean and my life has been blessed ever since.
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Debbie Blair said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I have to agree with #23, I love when Rylan comes to visit me at work and he says "Hi ganma" so LOUD and happily.

Sharla said...

I know what you mean about the kids having to be in the same room as you... while the boys are gone to school I usually have 2 little girl shadows. They will grow out of it all too soon though so enjoy it :).
That was fun to learn more about you!

Lois Brown said...

Great list. loved getting to know more about you. Loved our meeting tonight! And I really appreciate all that our primary presidency is doing to make primary what it should be again!

What I said about no comments on facebook or blogging tonight was not said to make anyone feel bad...that's all about my insecurities! Ha! I'm really o.k. most of the time....just once and a while it sneaks up on me! I really love reading others comments and others blogs so I'm excited to know where yours is now. Thanks for telling me about it and Tahnks for all yo do in our Ward!

my blog is http://alanloisbrown.blogspot.com/

Up in Bubbles said...

Good job, that was fun reading and I think they were all really good.

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