Monday, January 12, 2009

Obsessed much?

Have I admitted on here yet that I am a bit obsessive? Well, it's more like temporary obsession. I get on certain kicks and just totally engross myself in it, then either a few days or a few weeks later, I'm over it. And then I discover a new thing to obsess over.

My latest obsession is thanks to my sister Heather, who often introduces me to her obsessions and then they quickly become mine. So then we just spend hours on the phone talking about it. It was the same way when "The Little Mermaid" came to theaters when I was 12 (Heather was 10). We would lay awake in our beds talking about Prince Eric, Ariel, the movie, singing the songs. (I know I have posted about "The Little Mermaid" before). Anyway, back to my latest obsession.

Heather recommended I watch a BBC series called Robin Hood which the first two seasons are available on DVD to rent. The third and possibly final season airs on the BBC channel sometime this year. She had found out about it because one of her favorite actors (Richard Armitage) from one of her favorite movies (North and South) was one of the main characters in it. So she gave it a try to see him in something else, although he is a the bad guy, and totally loved it.
Over the Christmas holiday, while Heather was visiting, we watched North and South, and I instantly fell in love, and a little obsessed too (see what I mean), and was so excited to see this Robin Hood series. Richard Armitage whether good or bad is still delicious.
Now this is where my obsessive tendencies kick in. Instead of waiting to rent it through Blockbuster mail and taking weeks to get through the five DVD's, I just bought it previously viewed online (along with North and South). Some would say that was a gamble, true, but I did have my sister's recommendation and pretty much anything she loves, I love; and it turned out to be well worth it because I've already watched the 13 episodes of the first season twice now...and I got it last Thursday. I bought the second season already as well, and can't wait to get that in the mail.

It's just good clean fun, adventure, and romance. The Robin Hood character is totally adorable, Marian is pretty, yet tough, and Sir Guy (Richard Armitage) is troubled, brooding yet still sexy...what he does best.
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Debbie Blair said...

I need to borrow the video's!

coffeesnob said...

Hi Amber!!! I was reading your blog and I too love the movie series North and South!!! I used to watch it all the time!!! Need to watch it again. But, I've never heard of this Robin Hood serious, which I think I might add to my Netflix movies. :) Hope you are doing well and congrats on your third baby on the way. :)

coffeesnob said...

Oh, the comment above is from me, Stacy Koscheski (Hobbs) Sorry I didn't post that before. Ooops. :)

Sharla said...

That looks really good. I try to avoid being obsesive, but it finds a way into my life anyway. The recipe looks totally yummy too. I just love lasagna though :)
I hope everything is going well with the pregnancy... when are you due? Do you know what it is yet?

Mandy and Adrianna said...

I LOVE North and South! I got on that kick not long after I fell in love with Gone With The Wind!

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