Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does anyone elses...

children scream all the time? Because it seems like mine do, or at least talk/play/anything at really, really loud decibels. Maybe it's a boy thing. I remember as a kid always telling my younger brother Aaron to stop talking so loud when I was standing right next to him. Sean's voice is strong too. I can hear it over any crowd from across the room when he's talking to someone. Often times I need to remind him of his volume control when we are in restaurants, or at church. So, maybe my boys are just loud by nature of their gender or inheriting strong vocal chords from their father. Also, I guess the fact that 30 percent of my house has tile flooring and high ceilings, doesn't help dimming the acoustical noise that permeates it most hours of the day.

I did just in case check Colton's ears to see if they were clogged with earwax or something, thinking that could be effecting his awareness of personal volume. But no they were fine.

I simply have boys that scream as they chase through the house while throwing objects at each other's heads.

Or even more simply put: I HAVE BOYS.
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Nickell said...

Aaron is still incredibly loud. Especially when he's on the phone. And his "whisper" how quiet normal people speak. I don't know why.

Lisa said...

My kids are always screaming and I think that I tell them to turn their voices down more than anything. By the end of the day I am excited to just sit in the peace and quite.

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