Wednesday, December 17, 2008

True meaning of Christmas

Just as I'm thinking I've done quite a good job decorating my house with Christmas festiveness, Colton was able to put me in my place and remind me of what is truly important. Today, I hear Colton announce as he walks through the house, "We need to show the true meaning of Christmas." Curious, I look to see what he is up to. I see him setting the picture of Jesus, which is normally on his shelf in his room, right in the middle of the family room fireplace display (between the Frosty and Santa, humbling them as well as me). He says, "There. That's the true meaning of Christmas." So true true.

I of course had to take a picture.

and of course Rylan wanted a picture too.

Now, in my defense: My living room is completely devoted to the spiritual side of Christmas with the Nativity display, and Christ pictures (no worldly icons in that room), but Colton spends little time in there. The family room is more of the Winter Wonderland theme with lots of Frosties and Santa. So, I understand his sweet, precious heart.
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

That is so cute! He is so sharp!

Stacy said...

Very cute. What a spiritual giant.

Up in Bubbles said...

What a sweet heart. Maybe you have a future leader in the church in your home. That was really to cute. I can't beleive how fast they are growing up.

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