Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Only 15 more days

Twilight the movie

So who else is going to be seeing this with me on opening night?

The movie website has a good, long preview. Check it out.
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Debbie Blair said...

Can't wait, the previews look really good. I wish Heather could be here!!

Heather Lytle said...

i don't know if i'll be seeing it opening night. I need to see when my friends here want to go and see it. A lot of women in my ward got into those books.

DurkFamily said...

Wow, boys really are so great despite what others my say. You'll get a lot of ,"Wow, three boys.." or "You sure have your hands full" really my favorite are the looks I get, it makes me laugh daily:) Any who, I would be happy to talk to a mom of soon to be three-we mom's of boys need to stick together, here is my email, look forward to talking to ya soon.

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