Saturday, November 22, 2008

At Twilight

Here I am with a couple of friends at the Twilight movie opening night. I endured the hundreds of screaming and giggling teenagers (which I really could have done without) to satify the anticipation of seeing Edward come to life on screen. Like I said, I think I would have enjoyed the movie a bit more if it actually was a quiet theatre. Some parts and elements of the movie I just really did not like or felt disapointed and then there were some parts that I found myself smiling at and really having fun watching. Overall, the movie got better for me towards the last half of it, and when Edward could be his smart-alic, yet charming self. It was nice to see him smile, and of course the kissing parts were a treat.

Thanks to Carrie and Paula for the girls night out.

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Up in Bubbles said...

That was a fun movie. We also were in a theatre full of little girls who could not stop giggling.

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