Monday, September 8, 2008

Zebra Hair

Every month Colton recieves a Zoobooks magazine in the mail that features a specific animal or reptile. (Thanks to Grandma Blair) Each day Colton checks the mail in hopes there is something for him. I've tried to explain the "once a month" thing, but he has no concept of time yet, so 29 out of 30 times he's discouraged. But when he does see that magazine it makes it all worth it. So far we've learned about hippos, snakes, and zebras. Well, after this past month's thorough perusal of the magazine, and learning all about Zebras, Colton decided that he wanted me to do his hair like a zebra. Hmmm....

So here's what I had to go off of (above) is the result (below)

Oh, and of course he had to stand on all fours like a zebra to give the full effect.
Yep...that's Colton for ya :)
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Sharla said...

Wow, gotta love the zebra hair. If my kids had thought of that I'm sure we would have all sorts of animal hair by now. I love the zebra pose too! Your blog updates are great! Cute new page :)

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