Monday, September 8, 2008

Major Ouchie

So here's the story of this...

Sean had left earlier that day for a week long "High Adventure" Camping trip with his church young men. That evening the boys had their usual bath before bedtime. Rylan decided he wanted to get out early, but Colton wanted to continue to play in the water, so I let him. I got Rylan dressed in his P.J.s and went into the kitchen to prepare his nightly sippy cup of warm milk. Rylan must have figured that was a perfect time to go into Mommy's room and swipe the ceramic figurine of a groom and bride off the dresser and walk up to Colton still in the bath and throw it full force at Colton's head. What I hear next is a piercing scream and crying. A run into the bathroom and see Colton holding his injured head and the ceramic figurine sunk to the bottom of the tub. Through tears of pain, Colton tells me what happens. I quickly scold and punish Rylan, and then inspect Colton's damaged head. Blood is trickling down Colton's ear and I start to panic. I dump some bath water over his head to try to clear it away and see where it was coming from, but all I see is more blood. So I dump some more water over his head, well this is only making the scene look much worse because now the bath water is turning bloody. Finally through Colton's thick mass of hair I can see the deep gouge on his scull, and I start to panic even more. It looked like he needed stitches, plus it wouldn't stop bleeding. Trying to remain calm for Colton's sake I take him out of the bath and tell him to hold a cloth to his head as I wrap him in a towel and call Sean on his cell phone. I'm thinking, "Just the luck! The first night Sean is gone and this happens." Well, Sean was able to think more clearly then me, obviously, and told me to call his mom (a nurse) to come over and see what she could do. So, Grandma Chris came over fully prepared and was able to clean and bandage our little patient without the need of stitches. Before we went to bed I checked Colton for any signs of concussion and he was fine...he liked sitting in a dark bathroom with mommy flashing a light in front of his eyes. And, of course, I had Colton sleep in my bed with me so I could keep watch over him. Every hour I woke up to readjust his head so he wasn't sleeping on the injured side. Through it all Colton was very tough and brave and actually thought it was cool to have little bandage strips on his head. The next couple of days he was very conscious of not getting them wet, even if that meant that he couldn't go to the pool. The injury healed quickly, and hopefully there won't be much of a scar.
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Lisa said...

That is a major ouchie. He must have had one major headache.

We miss you guys so much and I know that Abby is missing Colton alot.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Wow, Rylan is such a bugger sometimes huh? Poor little Colton has to out up with it, but he seems to hold his own. Plus, that bath water you were pouring on his head was probably soapy, so I am sure it added to the sting of the cut...poor Colton.

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