Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our little visitor

Colton found this little guy by our backdoor INSIDE our house...nice. So we just had to keep him as a pet for a few days. For fear that I might kill him as I do with all the other "pets" we bring into the house. I conviced Colton that we let him free to return to his "mommy". This is their last moments together before he scurried away.

By the way...Colton name him Cheetie the Lizard, because it has spots like a cheetah...of course.

Colton felt so special that Cheetie would just cling to his finger like that...they were true friends...for 20 seconds.
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Lisa said...

How Sweet. We always let bugs and such go so they can find their "mommy" too.

up in bubbles said...

Cute lizard and pictures. He is so brave.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Cute lizard. I love that Colton loves leopards as much as I do :)

Stacy said...

Colton is such a nature lover, it's too cute! Oh, and your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

Stacy said...

p.s my new url is

A little bit of crazy.... said...

The last time we caught a critter like yours I put it in a red plastic cup (with cover) and it turned pink!

I love your flowers! Good job! It inspires me to plant the seeds I bought for this year. Think they'll still germinate after being in a 120+ degree garage?

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