Sunday, August 3, 2008

Images from my Garden

Despite the 3-digit temperatures here, surprisingly most my flowers are persevering. Everyone is complaining about how hot it is, but really it's not that bad as long as you're not in it for more than five minutes. So, I braved five minutes and took some shots of my garden.

This is my sunflower stalk, I watched it grow from a it's taller then my house! I was going to pull it when it was just a sprout because I'm not much of a sunflower lover, but my mom insisted I keep it and watch it grow (she loves sunflowers). Now I'm glad I did because they really are cheerful looking.
Here is the variety mix flower garden that grows below it, aside from the little white flowers they all grew from seed, so it was fun to see what came up...I always love a mystery. Sidenote: I layed that stone path all on my own, thank you very much.
Here is my lone lemon on my lemon tree. I think I will be able to get half a cup of lemonade from it someday!
My tallest sunflower. Stunning against the blue sky.
My bedroom window Zinnia Flower Bed. These pink cuties greet me every morning. They also grew from seed, so they are double rewarding.

I always thought I had a "purple" thumb when it came to gardening, and although I am yet still an amateur gardener, I think my thumb it getting greener with each little seed I sow :)
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Holly, Justin & Carter said...

I am so jealous! I have the worst "thumb" ever...I kill everything. Your flowers look so pretty! I can't wait to get into our own house again so I can try my knack at planting things again =)

Sharla said...

Great flowers! It is a great feeling to know that something you planted grew! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

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