Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What every Princess must have

A Princess Phone
Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted one of these princess phones (that is actually what they are called.) This one is an "antique" style. I saw it advertised on sale only for two days. On the last day of the sale about an hour before the store was to close, I remembered it. Sean and I were driving home from something with the boys super tired in the back, and Rylan crying. I told Sean about the phone and how I really, really wanted it because it was on sale, matched our room, and plus it was a "princess" phone. So, he flipped a u-turn and got back onto the freeway to drive to where the store was. He waited patiently, entertaining the boys in the car, while I quickly went into the store to purchase it. (Thanks babe) It was sweet that Sean did that for me with no complaint. When I got back into the car, Colton wanted to see Mommy's new princess phone. I showed it to him and he said perplexed, "But, there are no princesses on it." I explained that it was the type of phone that princesses USE, and since mommy is a princess, it was perfect :)
Also, here is our bedroom I've been meaning to post for a while. I've shown it in part in previous photos, but here it is with the bed actually made. See how the phone totally matches? I love it!

Being that it was a phone for me, Sean wondered why it was on his side. Well sweetie...the jack was closer to your side, and my side was already full with books, journal, lotion, etc., plus I can see it better over there ;)
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Jamie Olsen said...

Nice bedding! Where did you get it? I am impressed with your design skills! Your room (and phone:)) look great!

Lisa said...

Your room looks magazine quality. I LOVE it and the phone finishes it off perfect.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

What a pretty phone to match the pretty room :)

Stacy said...

Your room looks great, and I love the phone!

Bonnie said...

That fits so perfectly. You really have an eye for design!

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