Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To and From California Vacations

Sean has spent the past week vacationing in Monterey California--look how happy and relaxed he looks without us. I think it took Colton about 5 days before he realized Daddy was away--he finally said on Sunday "I think it's time for Daddy to come home from California now." Rylan missed Daddy from day one and each morning would stand in front of a picture of him and repeat, "Dadda, Dadda, Dadda," like he was hoping the he'd answer.
But we kept busy because my sister Melody came from Cali to visit for a week. Rylan absolutely fell in love with her. He was always in her arms or on her lap cuddling. Colton and her picked up where they left off and continued to serenade us with wonderful duets.
It was a fun-filled week and helped us to not notice how much we missed Daddy. We kicked off the Melody Festivities with a craft at Color Me Mine. Where Colton learned the art of painting ceramics--he chose a Dinosaur figurine.

The rest of the week went as follows: shopping, eating, crafts, gym, museum, shopping, pool, movies, shopping, eating, gym, pool, games, and more shopping and eating. It was fabulous!
Thanks for visiting us Melody
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

I wouldn't trade the memories for anything!

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