Friday, June 20, 2008

Where did he learn THAT?!

The other day the boys and I were in the backyard watering our plants and flowers...a new daily ritual for us. As I was watering our baby lemon tree, I heard Colton exclaim, "What the hell a wasp!"

Hoping I misunderstood, immediately I ask, "What did you just say?"

He frankly replied, "I said there was a wasp."

"No, the other thing you said before the part about a wasp. (I didn't want to repeat it out loud)That is not something we say. We don't use that phrase, it's a bad word."

He seemed puzzled but agreed. And, I hoped that I had still heard him wrong...thinking maybe he had just said "heck" a funny way.

Then a couple hours later as I was making dinner and the boys were playing in the pantry in the kitchen, I hear Colton exclaim, "What the hell Rylan!"

This time it was confirmed--he was definitely cursing.

Immediately I get right in front of him and reprimand him that we do not use that phrase. And then I ask him where he heard it because he certainly did not hear it from me or Sean. He said he heard in Maryland. Well..."Maryland" is the go-to answer for Colton when he doesn't have any other explanation.

So, I don't know where he learned it. Most likely he heard it on t.v. (which obviously we need to be more careful about) or he heard other kids use it. How sad to hear my sweet innocent four year old say a curse word. If only we could shelter them from all the yucky outside influences forever.
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Bonnie said...

You know I feel your pain on this one. Ren has used interesting language on more than one occasion. Just being around any of her dad's extended family is an invitation to learn questionable language and habits, so it is tough to control what she hears.

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