Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Colton!

My baby turned FOUR today.
Colton Tillman had a fun packed birthday weekend. Saturday was his Spiderman Birthday party with his friends--which he absolutely loved! We did superhero jumps in the bounce-house. We played "Stick the web on the Villan" (a.ka. pin the tail on the donkey), and "Spiderman, Spiderman, Bad-Guy" (a.ka. Duck, Duck, Goose). We also had a Spiderman pinata or "pinjahta" as Colton calls it. Then our grand finale was a web-slinging (silly-string) war. And, of course we had a Spiderman decorated cake. Colton was so anxious to open his presents, and he loved most of them. I've discovered that we may need to work on the "gratitude" quality a bit more with him though. Unfortunately with a few presents he opened he would say, "Hey, that's not what I wanted," (ouch) because it was not the right type or character. I apologize to any parents who heard him say that about your gift. We will work on it, and maybe by birthday #5 he won't be so harsh. First thing when he woke up Sunday morning at 7 a.m., he was playing with his new toys.

On Sunday, June 1st, which is his birthday, Colton gave his first talk in primary! He picked out his favorite Jesus story from his scriptures picture book to share. It is the story of Jesus calming the seas. He did wonderful. I was so proud of him. He remembered what we had practiced and even added his own personal stuff to it. He was brave and articulate. Daddy held up the picture book for him as he gave the talk, and then helped him recite a scripture from the Book of Mormon. I will post an audio of the talk along with a picture later. He also was sung "Happy, Happy Birthday" by the primary and got a sticker.

At the birthday party on Saturday, my friend Shandi R. was telling me how she cries on each of her kids' birthdays because of them growing up and all. When we talked about that then I was tears at the party. BUT, on Sunday seeing Colton stand in front of primary so tall, big and proud while they sang to him, the tears came. He just looked like a little man standing there, and the tears were both for sadness of the time passed when he was my little Colty, yet joy for the love and warmth he has given me these four years. I am proud of my Colton Tillman, and what a fine boy he is growing into.

What would my days be like without his silly giggle, or his sweet words of adoration when he says, "Mommy, you're pretty," or his constant questions about anything and everything as he challenges my own intelligence by making me remember what I've learned or finding out the answers to give him? What would I do if I couldn't hear his polite "please" and "thank-you's" each time he asks for something, or when he aks, "Mommy did you see that?", or "Mommy, Can I run as fast as....? And how could my day not end without a prayer with him as he says, "Heavenwy Fahder...."?

From the moment I laid my eyes on Colton the day he was born, I couldn't imagine my life without him. I love being his mommy.
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zepp said...

Happy 4th Birthday Colton!

Not too worry Amber, I shed some tears over Madalyn telling me she is going to go to school soon and that's 2 years away....but seriously I'll blink my eyes and two years will have past. You're right, it's bitter/sweet to watch them grow!

Lisa said...

Abby had such a great time at Colton's party. She couldn't wait to tell her dad all about it. I am sad that I missed his talk on Sunday. I am sure I will get to hear him again in the future.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

He is such a sweet boy!

Stacy Elliott said...

Looks like such a fun party. Happy Birthday, Buddy.

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