Friday, June 20, 2008

Disney inspired memory

I grew up loving Disney, and I have passed on that love to my children. Visiting Disneyland over a year ago with the family was one of our most fun times. Colton loved it all! I can't wait until we can visit again and Rylan can love it also.

Anyway, as part of fueling this Disney love are the Disney movies. We joined the Disney Movies Club a few years back and have now built up a substantial library. Colton watches at least one Disney movie a day. Because mommy (me) loves the Disney movies also, we have some of the 'girlie' ones too, however Colton does not think they are girlie--he is a well balanced child--he appreciates the princesses as well as the race cars, space rangers, time travelers, puppies, etc.

Today Colton and I had a discussion about which Disney movie I liked best. He always wants to weigh in on my thoughts--it's very sweet. He concluded that he liked Cars best but part of him questioned if Cinderella was better (he knows it's my favorite and I must note he watched Cars today so it was on his mind). So, he asked me, "Mommy is Cars or Cinderella better?" I shared the merits of both and assured him it was okay if he thought one was better then the other being that Cars had more things in it that appeal to him. I knew his opinion would probably change again anyway. got me to thinking about my Disney favorites. I have ALWAYS loved Cinderella and she will remain my top favorite. I especially like Cinderella IIII (four) when the evil step mother turns back time to see what would happen if the shoe DIDN'T fit. Very cute. And of course I adore Prince Charming--Tall, dark, dignified, and he dances and appreciates good foot apparel! Cinderella was my favorite among the classics for years. THEN...the summer before I started Junior High (so I was about 12), Disney started there Princess series again after so many years.

They introduced The Little Mermaid. To this day I remember going to the theatres to see it. My mom dropped us kids off at the front of the theatre for me to take my younger siblings to see it. It was wonderful. Afterwards I remember sitting along the curb waiting for my mom to pick us up and we just talked and talked about it. We loved it. We especially adored Prince Eric. Even now at the ages of 32 and 30, my sister and I still love Prince Eric. He is actually the inspiration behind the leading man in a story I am writing. (see sidebar)

When The Little Mermaid came out on video we watched it over and over and over. My sister Heather (the before mentioned 30 year old) was ten at the time and was even more obsessed with the movie then me...I was starting to get into the obsessing over "real" boys stage. Heather had the entire movie memorized word for word. Plus, we of course knew all the songs and we sang them together at night in our shared room as we would go to bed.

Some people may be against the princess stories and disney culture, but as for me they helped bring my family together with fun times and now precious memories.
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Bonnie said...

I remember visiting my aunt in Seattle for the summer, right after The Little Mermaid came out on video. I must have watched it 5 or 6 times a day for the entire summer. I love Disney movies too, and I let my kiddos watch them all of the time. Cinderella is one of my all time favorites too.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

It's funny, the other day Nathan and I were watching a special on Elton John and it talked about his project with "The Lion King" and I said, "I loved Disney movies." To which Nathan added, "Me too." I don't know a single person who doesn't have a favorite, or some memory associated with Disney.

Lisa said...

I still love all the Disney movies. Cinderella is my favorite. I can remember watching before church every week. Abby's favorite changes daily. Today it was Aladdin tomorrow it could be Sleeping Beauty. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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