Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm so proud of my inspiring husband

Seeing Sean's idea and inspiration in action...

Sean was a college classmate of academic all-American, Pat Tillman at Arizona State University. Pat Tillman was a former professional football player who, in 2002, turned down a multi-million dollar contract offer to enlist in the US Army Rangers. In 2004, Pat gave his life in defense of his country but his legacy lives on. He is now one of Sean's all time heroes.
So, in the last couple of months Sean has founded, with the support of Lockheed Martin Corporation, the 42 in 42 (Pat's # at ASU) which is a special and uniqueway of honoring Pat Tillman and inspiring others to CREATE POSITIVECHANGE in their communities. Participants create positive change by leading a service project to benefit a charity of their choice. Each project lead picks his or her team members to assist with the project. The 42 in 42 started out with a goal of 42 service projects in 42 daysoccurring between April 18th-May 31st. It has since grown into over 100service projects in 14 states. To date, we have completed 48 service projects and raised over $17,000 for charities throughout America. Together, we are CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE!!
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Bonnie said...

That is really awesome! How amazing that Sean helped create something that is having such far reaching effects.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

I am sad. I must have planted the anemones wrong because they have not done anything, and then my herds stated growing but seen to be at a stand still. My Zinnias are good though. I am not a very good farmer :(

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