Saturday, May 24, 2008

A little about Rylan...

As I have said before, Rylan is our smiley boy. These pictures just epitomize that so perfectly. We've enjoyed the last six months having cousin Cooper and his mommy, Aunt Stacy living in Texas (him and mommy are back in Cali to welcome home Daddy...Captain Elliott from Iraq) We are already planning a trip to Monterey to visit them. Rylan has yet to get his toes wet in the ocean.

Doesn't cousin Aubrey and Rylan look like twins? They are just getting to the stage where they will "play" together...and sometimes it's actually peaceful playing.

Despite Rylan's happy nature we have nicknamed him 'Bam-Bam' because he loves to swing objects and hit things or people. I truly do not believe he wishes to hurt anyone or anything because he does it for fun with his usual smile on his face. When he's mad, he just hits himself....I hope that's normal :{

Lately, Rylan has been a totaly Daddy's Boy. Today was Saturday, and Sean is on break from his MBA program for a few weeks, so we got the whole day with him! Aside from the time that Daddy went to the gym, and when Rylan took a nap, and when Mommy and Daddy went on a date, Rylan was not more then two feet from Sean's side. While I went to get a Mani/Pedi, Rylan just hung out by Sean's side and watched TV. Given a choice, I think Rylan would choose Daddy over Mommy most times. He's sweet that he loves his Daddy so much so I don't mind being second best. My favorite sight is seeing Sean with the boys in his arms.

One last thing...big news for Rylan....three more teeth broke through on the top (unfortunately all at the same time so it was a difficult week for him), so he now has ALMOST a total of six teeth. Yea!
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