Thursday, April 24, 2008

Colton's School for Animals

I've been trying to implement a "Quiet Time" with Colton--preferably in his room. However, most days it ends up being a time for him to sit on the couch, or my bed, and watch cartoons. Today I tried for his bedroom quiet time. Surprisingly he put up little complaint (after I changed it from one hour to five minutes, but intending more like 30 minutes--he's three and has little concept of time anyway.)

After about 15 minutes, I hear his voice calling me from his room. I figure he's had enough of room quiet time and wants to come out. I open his door ready to enforce some more time....and this is what I see:

He called it his Museum School for his special animals friends. I was awed--it was just the cutest sight! Here is a clip of him explaining it:

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Melody an Nathan Pellegrin said...

Precious! He is a very good teacher...must run in the family :)

Mauressa Jaussi said...

That is so cute Amber! It's amazing how big and smart he is... I guess it has been a long time since him and Teagan were barely walking around! Yea, I love the Twilight books too, and man I'm excited for the movie!

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