Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter--Part Two

For Easter dinner we went over to Sean's brother Brian and Kristin's house, or as Colton refers to it, the cousins' house. After the Easter feast was over, Kristin and I hid candy filled eggs for the kids around their new playground. It was a free for all, survival of the fittest, hunt for the eggs and poor Rylan was so clueless that he didn't get any--he just thought it was fun that everyone was running around. And then Colton's refusal to carry a basket was very limiting, finally he understood the importance of the basket, but by that time all the eggs were pretty much all snatched up. However, he was happy with his four eggs, and since he is not much of a hard candy fan, it all worked out okay. As always it was so fun celebrating with family.

As I tucked Colton into bed tonight, he layed his head against his pillow, curled up under the blanket and said, "Today was a good day," and that's all that really matters.
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zepp said...

Love the new family picture. We must think alike, because that was totally my intention as well...take a family picture in our Easter get ups and replace it with the old one our blog. Well, we didn't quite get there, so hats off to you guys! You all look great and it sounds like Easter was a big success for the Connelly Family.

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