Sunday, March 23, 2008

EARLY Easter Morn

The boys woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had eaten the lettuce Colty and Daddy left out by a bowl of water. AND, he also left a few treats by the door--the much loved "peeps" and "cadbury eggs".

(I just have to add how impressed I was with Sean at how sweet he was to make a special effort to make this Holiday fun for the boys. I really wasn't going to do much to be honest. I had bought some sidewalk chalk for Colton the day before and when I got home I handed it to him and said,"Here is your Easter gift," which he really was happy about and we had fun playing hopscotch in the backyard. But, as Colton was going to bed last night doing the usual routine with Daddy tucking him in, they both came back into the kitchen and started rooting around in the fridge. I thought maybe Colton wanted another bed-time snack, but instead Sean was looking for lettuce to put out for the Easter bunny. Together they prepared a bowl of water and put out the lettuce on our front porch. It was adorable. Then, once Colton was asleep, Sean went out to the local CVS and bought some goodies for the boys and placed them by the front door--he even got a treat for me. I am thankful to have such a fun, festive husband who makes our Holidays all the more wonderful with his enthusiasm and spirit.)
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Serinster dot net said...

aww. i love that energy and enthusiasm in people and I really want that quality in my future husband...that playfullness and loyalty to tradition--makes life more exciting!

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