Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mister Sandman

Since the weather has been nicer (at least every other day), the boys have discovered the wonders of our backyard. Rylan loves to play in the sandbox, and Colton is liking it more now. Before, he would get all worried about getting sand on him and being dirty. He still stresses about it and reiterates to me the importance of wearing pants while in the sandbox so as to not get sand stuck in one's bum-bum. Rylan is mister go with the flow and just about enjoys anything.

Is he just too cute or what? :)

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Holly, Justin & Carter said...

Your boys are so cute...I love all your pics! I'm atgging you too! Check out my blog for directions!

brenna said...

Rylan and Macey are a match made in the sand. Macey loves the sand, especially eating it :)

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