Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our first date....in 2008

The beginning of the year is special to me because that is when Sean and I started dating (6 years ago). Our first date was the first Friday of the year 2002. As the year progressed, so did our relationship, and then we ended the year with our Wedding :)

Anyway, back to our first date. We doubled with Stacy and her boyfriend Dustin (they are now married with an adorable boy Cooper) to a hot spot in Valencia, California called B.J.'s. Sean wore a blue sweater and tan slacks, I wore a red sweater and tan slacks (not on purpose of course!). He ordered the cobb salad, I ordered a mini-pizza, we all shared their fabulous artichoke dip appetizer. Then for dessert Sean and I shared their famous "Pazookie". It's a cookie cooked in a small pie tin with vanilla ice-cream on top--DEEELISH! Because we were sitting at a booth table, and because Sean is left-handed, to optimize his eating position as he shared this dessert with me, he HAD to put his right arm behind me and move in closer. Surprisingly for me at the time, I did not mind that...major plus point for a first date. The other major plus point on a first date is Sean made me laugh, like really laugh.

Well, the reason I bring this all up, other then the fact that I love to reminisce, is Sean and I had a chance to "relive" our first date--a B.J.'s just opened up locally here in Texas. So, on the same weekend six years later we had dinner at B.J.'s. Instead of Stacy and Dustin being with us, we had our two little boys. Sean was so precious and wore the same blue sweater. I would have worn the same red sweater had it been mine and not borrowed from my sister. But I did wear crazy socks under my black boots like I did the first time. We ordered the artichoke dip and we shared a Pazookie!

It was so fun to see what a difference 6 years can make. But, what didn't change, was how much I enjoyed being with Sean :)
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Melody an Nathan Pellegrin said...

What a cute little narrative. But I can't get over the fact that you remember so many details, even down to the socks you wore!

Nickell and Aaron said...

We are definitely similar when it comes to stuff like this! I remember everything I was wearing, and everything we did together when we first met, and our first dates..so fun!

Melody an Nathan Pellegrin said...

Wait, maybe I shouldn't talk. I remember what I was wearing on our first date, a jean skirt, my Chinese inspired jacket that I made and my knee high black boots. Oh, and I do remember Nathan too. He was wearing a blues and white long sleeved Abercrombie & Fitch collared shirt and jeans. I remember that we went to PF Changs and he ordered Mongolia Beef, but I don't remember ordered. I guess I am no different. But still, I do not remember what socks I was wearing!

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