Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're Back

Okay, so we are back up and running. I went a whole week with no computer OR television! The movers came yesterday and I spent the whole day and most the night unpacking all 87 somethin' boxes. I'm a bit stressed because my house is in disarray and not the usual organized way I keep it. I don't even want to think about my closet. My sister-in-law, Nickell, would be abhored with the chaos and lack of order. The boys room--toys--everywhere! I've had the vacuum sitting out for two days, just haunting me. I will get around to everything eventually. AT LEAST, all my Christmas decorations are up and looking so festive and pretty :) My brother Brandon and sister Serena are flying in from California and Utah (respectively)...so I have to get all my chores done before I can play with them. Tomorrow.

Last week, while I twiddled around in a mostly empty house, I was able to catch some cute videos and pictures of the boys. So with them, I will pick back up on our Connelly's 25 (but really 14) Days of Christmas.
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-Margaret D. Nadauld