Monday, December 3, 2007

Connelly's 25 days of Christmas: Day Three

We drove through a local park here that did an amazing Winter Light display. We saw some of Santa's reindeers doing test flight take the video :)

For Colton's bedtime story tonight, Daddy told him about Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and "Shawner" and Vixen and Cupid and Rudolph, how they all need to practice take-off with their parachutes. It's their own private time together, so I only hear tidbits from the next room. I am always impressed with Sean's ability to make up exciting stories and include things Colton can relate to. I try to do it, but I think because I'm a girl, my stories have too many flowers and warm fuzzy moments in them for Colton to really enjoy them. That is why after I say prayers with him and tuck him in at night, he gives me a polite smile and then swishes his hand at me and says "you can go now", and then Sean takes over from there. At least I got a kiss from him while I gave him his bath tonight...I know he loves his mommy :)

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-Margaret D. Nadauld