Thursday, December 6, 2007

Connelly's 25 Days of Christmas: Day Six

Christmas Pajamas Tradition

When I was a little girl, each year we would get a new pair of Pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. Usually we would open up one present on Christmas Eve and it would be the pajamas. My sister Heather and I would get matching ones. Well, so far I have continued that tradition with Colton. However, I don't wait until Christmas Eve for him to wear them for the first time because I pick out Christmas themed ones and I like to enjoy seeing them all through the month of December. And since I'm totally anti seeing anything related to Christmas AFTER Christmas...UNTIL at least Thanksgiving, I want to get full usage out of them. I certainly get a full use out of this year's p.j.s (and last years still fits this year) because Colton is obsessed with pajamas! If we are at home, he only wants to wear them. (As I am typing this right now Colton is saying "Mommy I want to wear pajamas!") This year's pajamas is a cute flannel shirt and pant set in Christmas Thomas the Train theme. Here is a video of Colton showing them off. He is also pretending to be a horse named "Butterscotch"....he's a kooky kid :)

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up in bubbles said...

Good idea with yhe pj's. (Where did u get those?) I also don't like Christmas stuff after.

bmjaussi said...

That's such a cute idea! Finally we are going to have our own Christmas eve and Christmas morning this year before flying to Utah Christmas afternoon. We are trying to decide on some of the traditions that we want to start. That's a cute one. I love that it lasts all month!

Nickell and Aaron said...

You will probably hate the fact that I have some pjs that are Chrismtas that I wear all year. It isn't because they are Christmas, it is because they are the only pair of pjs that I have like that, and they are incredibly comfortable. This year I am getting the same kind, but they aren't necessarily Christmas. That's what we decided to do, was the Christmas Eve pjs, but they don't have specific Christmas prints, so we can wear them all year without it being weird!

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