Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007

Our Thanksgiving Day moments of family, fun and food.
We enjoyed a little Thanksgiving vacation at the Lytle home in Springboro, Ohio. It is a 8 hour drive from Maryland, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be with family on this holiday. The last time Sean and I spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family was five years ago the week after we were married. So this was a wonderful treat to gather together with my mom and dad, sister Summer, and Heather's family to bake, play, laugh, and talk. Colton truly loved being with his cousins Gabriel and Mason. They were good examples for him and for the most part played great together. Rylan and Emrie were adorable to watch play together. Neither of them talk, but they had their own cute way of interacting and making each other laugh. We did the traditional Turkey Feast. Mom showed us how to prepare the Turkey. Heather made delicious sweet potato pie for dinner, and an apple and berry pie for dessert. I contributed by making a pumpkin cream pie. Summer added her creative touch by setting the table and creating a festive decor arrangement with fall leaves and red berry branches she collected in Heather's back yard. Dad even carved the turkey right there at the table. We toasted with sparkling cider and made "cheers to the top". Afterwards the kids were hyped up on martinellis and pie, so they let our their energy tackling Aunt Summer. It was a day to truly be Thankful for.
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