Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anniversary Trip (Part One-Santa Cruz)

Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz (Mavericks legendary surf spot)

For our Fifth Wedding Anniversary we took a trip to Northern California! We stayed part of the time near Santa Cruz, and the rest of the time in San Francisco. We took Rylan along because I couldn't wean him from nursing too soon, so he was our cute thrid wheel. Colton stayed back in Texas from our stay over Halloween. He had a blast staying with different family members. But, each night I still got a phone call with him saying "Mommy I miss you." It was a good trip, and felt good to be back in our beautiful birth State. There is just something about being able to roll up my jeans and walk in the sand, feeling it between my toes, and letting the waves lap around my ankles. Being at the beach is in my soul. I collected seashells and got a kick out of watching Rylan try to shake the sand off his hands as he crawled along. He loved it and cried when we picked him up to leave...I was sad to go too.

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