Monday, October 8, 2007

Perserving Little Wonders

This weekend I was listening to a wise, respected man, and he said something that struck my heart and mind: Preserve the memories of where you've seen love in your life. So many moments have passed in the last couple of years since I had my first son, Colton, where I have smiled, laughed, or just been filled with love. Unfortunately, I have lost the details of most those memories because I have failed to record them as they happened. Now, Colton is three years old and I don't want another three years to fly by without "preserving" the little wonders of him, and of my sweet baby Rylan. Of course, there are some times, as every mothers knows, that they are more like little monsters, and all I need is to scream or at least vent to someone who will listen with a calm, rational head.

So, whether anyone cares to read this, I am following the example of some of my favorite friends who already have a blog, to preserve the memories and little wonders of my moments in the life Heavenly Fathers blesses me with.

(and maybe vent sometimes too)
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Jamie said...

What a beautiful post! That is so always say to yourself that you will remember the adorable things, but I know I have already forgotten some of Katelyn' here's to blogging!

brenna said...

What a true statement! I'm so excited you have blog; it'll be fun to follow! I hope all is well; I will give you a call this week when Madyson is at school so we can catch up. Miss you!!

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-Margaret D. Nadauld