Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lytle Family Visit

You can't see it well, but this is Rylan laughing at his Uncle Joel as he pushes him on the swing.

This past weekend we had the greatest time as the Lytle Family came to visit us here in Maryland. My sister Heather, with her Husband Joel and three kids (Gabriel, Mason, Emrie), drove out from Springboro, Ohio to see the sights of D.C. Joel was born and raised not far from here, so it was a bit of "coming home" for him. We toured the National Monuments and visited a few museums. But, some of the funnest times were when we'd come home after a long day and just hang out over meals, getting the kids ready for bed, or rough-housing with the Dads. Heather and I grew up sharing the same room together, playing everything together, going to school together, doing chores together. We are individually different, yet bonded the same in so many ways. It was awesome to have both our families together and literally see the blessings of our lives from the Lord.
"Thank you Lytle's for coming to visit us."

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Jamie said...

Looks like fun! Cute pics-how did you do that collage?

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